This course aims to help us become more confident in our understanding of Luke’s gospel in order to read it with someone else. It was developed from a series of seeker bible studies Spirituality according to Jesus by Rebecca Manley Pippert . 

The course consists of six sessions. Each session is divided into two parts. The first part is a group bible study on a passage in Luke to help us gain a deeper understanding of it for ourselves.   The second part of the session consits of a discussion as how best to introduce others to these truths. The outline and leader's notes for the studies are available below.

Week 1: Luke 1:1-38 Preparing for Jesus    Study    Leader's notes

Week 2: Luke 2 Presenting Jesus   Study   Leader's notes

Week 3: Luke 3:21-23; 4:1-30 The power of Good over Evil   Study   Leader's notes

Week 4: Luke 5:12-31 The Power of Jesus Revealed    Study    Leader's notes

Week 5: Luke 8:22-56 The Power to Overcome Suffering    Study    Leader's notes

Week 6: Luke 9:10-36 Who Do You Say That I Am?    Study    Leader's notes

Luke's gospel at a glance

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