Evangelizing with Cameron

David Cameron created a twitter storm with his speech at his Easter reception at Downing Street.[1] I found some it encouraging - I am pleased that he is keen to raise the profile of persecuted Christians and pray that he will support the UN Human Rights Council calls for Security Council action against North Korea.

A Passion Shared

Twenty-five years ago I stepped into a slightly damp urine smelling lift with my father. We descended ten floors, I said goodbye to my East-end neighbours and climbed into a very smart car for a journey through Bow, Mile End and Whitechapel. A journey that finished standing next to Martin at the end of an aisle in St Helen’s, Bishopsgate.

A Satire On the Idolatry of the Heart Movement

A letter from Ephesus 63AD  

Prudence, a servant of Christ in Ephesus.

To Luke, my dear brother in Christ: Grace, mercy and peace from God the Father and Christ Jesus our Lord.

I am writing to you, my dear brother with my concerns because I know from Paul’s last letter to Timothy that only you are with him. …

What we need to learn from Mark Driscoll

I put my fingers to keyboard nervously. If you follow certain things on Twitter you could not fail to notice that the twitter sphere has been exploding with blogs and news articles following the most recent exposure of Mark Driscoll who is now accused not only of plagiarism but of paying a huge amount to a company for his place on the New York Times bestsellers list. …

Unleash the word – not a debate!

I am often saddened by the thought that we have a famine of God’s word yet we live in an age when we have more access to it than ever before. We can read it in books, on our phones, kindles, ipads, computers, online, and if we can’t read it we can listen it to on a free App! But many Christians are seriously malnourished. …

Fighting Sloth-like Tendencies

It is not uncommon at the end of a bible study to ask for prayer requests and one recurring theme seems to be managing with the pressure and workloads that people face: too much to do and not enough time, tiredness and stress are the order of the day. Time management seems to be the need of our times, and we can take courses in it. …

Christian Fiction? ‘Archbishop' by Michele Guinness

Why do we read fiction? Some read to savour the pleasure of carefully crafted words and sentences. Others read for the experience that Alan Bennett describes so beautifully in The History Boys:

The best moments in reading are when you come across something - a thought, a feeling, a way of looking at things - that you’d thought special, particular to you. And here it is, set down by someone else, a person you’ve never met, maybe even someone long dead. And it’s as if a hand has come out, and taken yours.[1]

Most books we read fall somewhat short of these ideals but they can provide an insight into a new world and help us to see things from the perspective of another. …

Women Bishops – winning the outsider?

How are we to bring an end to ‘the overdue perception of the church as an out-of-date, old fashioned and bigoted organisation’?[1] This is the question that synod addressed this week as they once again tackled the issue of women bishops. Those in favour are concerned that the church is no longer seen as ‘a repository for ethical guidance, but as a force for immorality in society’[2]. …

Christmas Cheer or Stress?

So here it is Merry Christmas! Well its nearly here! But do you feel merry? Or do you feel slightly stressed by a list that seems to keep growing of jobs that should be done by December 25th? I have been determined to be relaxed this year telling myself that most of the things that I think are essential can wait or don’t really matter. …

Patriarchy and Mandela

I would like to find a word to replace patriarchy. I don’t have a problem with the Oxford English dictionary’s definition:

A patriarchal system of society or government by the father or the eldest male

This in and of itself is neutral albeit exclusive to men and prohibitive to women. My problem is that this exclusivity is seen as the cause of all the horrors that are inflicted on women and as a bible believing Christian I am seen as defending the indefensible. …

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